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HORMOTEXTM Silver Coated Pills

Extract Cortex Yohimbehe

Nature has provided us with a most powerful aphrodisiac and sexual rejuvenator, deriving from the bark of Yohimbehe evergreen tree. Yohimbe increases desire in men and women to have sex more frequently and produces heightened sensations in penis and clitoris. This cure of impotence, as it is commonly praised, gives men stronger erections and make women reach orgasm or even multiple orgasms more quickly. Yohimbe creates sexual arousal and genital erection by increasing flow of blood directly to the sexual organs. It is a true aphrodisiac. The effect of Yohimbe is increased when combined with Damiana and Muira Puama as it is in HORMOTEXTM Silver Coated Pills.


Extract Muira Puama

Muira Puama is a traditional Brazilian aphrodisiac and is well-known for dynamic increase in libido, and used as a powerful aphrodisiac for treatment of frigidity. It improves sexual function in men and allows a neuro-sexual stimulation. Muira Puama fortifies stomach and intestines and is useful in treating gastrointestinal and reproductive disorders. It is recommended for impotency of the genital organs.

Extract Folia Damiana

Damiana grows in the desert areas of Africa. Damiana's botanical name "Turnera Aphrodisiaca" speaks for itself. Its leaf extract is known to stimulate hormonal production that directly affects sex drive in both men and women. Damiana stimulates sexual organs of both sexes, creating sexual arousal, having also particularly stimulating effect on female libido. Damiana and Yohimbe aphrodisiac actions are combined in HORMOTEXTM to enhance the stimulatory effect of both herbs.


is helpful in most sexual problems. It is a powerful aphrodisiac and sexual rejuvenator in men and women. Synergistic effects of plant extracts and vitamins result in more happiness and satisfactory sexual life.

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