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HORMOTEXTM silver coated-pills.
Produces harder and long erections.

HormotexTM pills

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HORMOTEXTM is an aphrodisiac preparation for the treatment of sexual weakness, fatigue, impaired male fertility and potency, loss of erection or weak erection. HORMOTEXTM acts as a stimulant, You will see the result within 30 minutes of taken two silver-coated pills.

HORMOTEXTM is also prescribed against psychic and physical exhaustion of men, reduced sexual activity, also in old age, climacteric states of fatigue and decrease of vitality. HORMOTEXTM is a regenerativ preparation for men which builds up new reserve of strength and increases performance as well as combatting luck of concentration. The active ingredients improve the pelvic blood circulation and help refill diminished reserves.


Take 1 - 2 pills about half an hour before needed.

Strong Recommandation:


1 (one) box x 24 pills at 12,00
3 (three) boxes x 24 pills at 35,00
10 (ten) boxes x 24 pills at 85,00

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Composition per pill: 
Extr. Cortex Yohimbin 100,0 mg
Extr. Ligni Muira Puamae 10,0 mg
Extr. Fol. Damianae 60,0 mg
Vitamin E 3,0 mg
Vitamin A Acetate 750 I.U.
Vitamin B1 1,0 mg
Vitamin B2 1,0 mg

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